Well, it's strange how life ends up certain ways. Let's see here, in the last year, so little has changed. I still work full time. I also still fail miserably at most of my own goals. Who knew that devotion took so much energy?
    I guess, when it comes down to it, motivation is my biggest issue. If you took around me, you'd see why. It's hard to get motivated when no one around you shows any, themselves. My sister helps. Ant helps. But when it comes down to it, my lack of motivation has been coming largely from a lack of positive feedback. It's like everything I do falls into a black hole. Something else comes up that kind of voids the work I do.
    Oh well, I guess this month will be better. Heather's back, and I'm suddenly more energetic. I'm sort of ready to take on my next goal. At least, I hope. It's going to suck if I get halfway there and then give up again. Some things just aren't worth it, but...